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Liturgy in the Park

Divine Liturgy followed by a Picnic - 08/20/17

We celebrated the Divine Liturgy at Neshaminy State Park.  Following the Liturgy we enjoyed a wonderful picnic.  Thanks to Nilda for organizing, Sergio for manning the grill and providing hot dogs & burgers, David for the music.  Special thanks to those who attended and shared their wonderful food.  It was a perfect day!

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Blessing of our new Icon

New Icon - 07/16/17

Father Brooks blesses the new Icon of Jesus Christ - which will be placed in the altar.  We are very grateful to Janice & Mike L. for donating the Icon in memory of Janice's parents, Mary & Steve Zafis.

It is a beautiful Icon!

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Nick Naum Scholarship Recipients

Presentation of Scholarship Awards - 07/16/17

The Nick Naum Scholarship recipients received their award following the Divine Liturgy.  This year's recipients are Adam C., Michele C., Anesti K., Jorgji N. Congratulations and best wishes in college!

Memory Eternal for Nick Naum!

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Sunday school pool party

Fun at Miss Kathie's Pool! - 06/25/17

The Sunday school students and their families got together at Miss Kathie's house for an afternoon of swimming and fun.  Chefs Steve and Erion manned the grills and all enjoyed burgers and dogs. It was a perfect day.  Thanks to Director Steve for organizing the event and to Miss Kathie for graciously opening her home and pool to us!

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Sunday school Graduation

Our Graduates - 06/04/17

We celebrated Pentecost with the kneeling prayers. Followed by our Sunday school graduation.

It was a very happy day for our parish - the annual Sunday school graduation. Congratulations and best wishes to our three seniors - Adam, Brittany and Michele who graduated from Father Brooks and Marinela's class.  The other students will return in September! Many thanks to our dedicated teachers and our Director Steve for their committment to our program.

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A few Old Photos

Old Photos - 06/01/17

Photos from the past.  If you have photos you would like to share please send them to

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Pascha & Agape Vespers

Krishti U Ngjall! Vertet U Ngjall! - 04/16/17

The Glorious Resurrection of our Lord.  From darkness to light!

On Sunday afternoon the Gospel proclaiming the Resurrection was read in many languages!

Special thanks to Father Dan for joining us.

Christ is Risen!  Indeed He is Risen!

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Holy Friday

Preparing for the Resurrection - 04/14/17

Taking Down from the Cross and the Funeral for Jesus Christ.

We processed around the block and back into the church to walk under the Epitaphion and venerate the Bible. A beautiful service.


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Preapring for Holy Friday

Decorating the Epitaphios - 04/14/17

Father Brooks and a group of parishioners gathered to decorate the Epitaphios. It looked beautiful.

Thank you very much to those who assisted. The donation of your time and talent is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks to Bella & Olivia for taking these photos!

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Holy Wednesday & Thursday

Holy Unction & The 12 Gospels - 04/12/17

Holy Unction - Parishioners were anointed by Father Brooks. 

Holy Thursday Father Brooks & Father Dan read the 12 Gospels of the Passion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Juliana, Vlad, Christine sung beautifully and Chris read the Epistles.

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Entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem

2017 Palm Sunday - 04/09/17

What a beautiful day! Our church was full, the palms were plentiful and love abounded!  Sour Sunday schools students processed ringing bells as Father Brooks carried the blessed palms around the church.

Following the Divine Liturgy to celebrate our Lord's triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, we went to our church hall and enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast supplied and prepared by Rose Adams and her family. Thank you to all who came to church; to those who prepared the pancakes and those who cleaned up after. We have a great team!!!

Entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem

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2017 Lazarus Saturday

Lazarus Saturday Liturgy & Retreat - 04/08/17

Father Brooks, our Sunday school students and teachers, our parishioners and friends gathered to celebrate the Divine Liturgy on the Solea.  Everyone had an "upclose look" as Father Brooks prepared the Proskomide.

Following the Liturgy we went upstairs and everyone made Meshe. A delicious pizza lunch was served. The children and teachers went to the Sunday school to learn about the Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem and make some crafts.

Our Senior class prepared bags for the homeless and then went to Logan Square and the City Hall area to distribute them.

The choir members in attendance the hymns for Palm Sunday. Other adults prepared the palms for tomorrow and then everyone gathered and made palm crosses.  A very busy day!!!

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Women's Day

2017 Women's Day Party - 03/04/17

Celebrating Women's Day with friends and families at St.John's.

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2017 Soup-er Bowl - 02/05/17

Getting ready for the big day and enjoying the SOUP!

Many Thanks to all who participated!!!

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2017 Ice Skating

Fun at the rink! - 01/29/17

Our Sunday school students, families and friends spent a few hours at the Class of 23 Ice Skating rink.

Pizza was served for lunch and a good time had by all!

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2017 Icon Auction

Icon Auction - 01/08/17

It was a little chilly - the boiler was not working properly - but our parishioners stayed to bid on their favorite Icons.Special thanks to our auctioneers, Peter & Ilirjan and to our bid recorders, Miss Dorothy, Janice, Nilda and Linda.  Many thanks to our helpers Vanessa, Alexandra, Christian, Georgi, Eric, for carrying the Icons around for all to see.  Great photos were taken by Adam and Sergio!

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2017 Epiphany

Holy Epiphany - 01/08/17

We celebrated the blessing of the water with prayer and joy.

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Baptism for Four - 01/07/17

A snowy, wonderful and blessed day as Maria, Elisabeth, Sofia and Thomas were baptized. There sponsers were their Aunt Nilda and Uncle Spartak.  Proud Mom, Jorgeta and Grandparents Zisi and Marjana. May God bless all!

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Christmas Eve Liturgy

Christmas Eve with our St. John's Family - 12/24/16

Family and friends gathered to celebrate the Divine Liturgy, led by Father Emmanuel, on Christmas Eve.  The Church and Liturgy were beautiful. Special thanks to Vlad,Susan, Julianna and Marinela for singing and to Father Emmanuel's brother Sub-Deacon George for serving!

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2016 Christmas Pageant

Sunday School Presents! - 12/18/16

Were you in church to see our beautiful Sunday school students (under the direction of Sandi Fiss) present the 2016 Christmas Pageant?  If not take a look at our photos. Special thanks to our photographer, Linda Biando for taking the photos.  Especiall the behind the scenes photos of the kids getting ready to perform!

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2016 Christmas Outing

Lunch and the Philly Pops - 12/10/16

We had 65 people attend the luncheon and 55 people attend the Christmas show at the Philly Pops.

It was a great afternoon.  Thank you Nilda for organizing the outing!

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Help the Homeless

High School Students - 12/10/16

Students from out high school class prepared gift bags containing the toiletries our parishioners donated to help the homeless.  Socks were also donated. All donations were taken to the Chosen 300 ministries for distribution to those in need.  Thank you for your donations and to our students!

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Albanian Thanksgiving

2016 Albanian Thanksgiving - 11/27/16

Our Sunday school students honor their relatives who immigrated to the United States. The children held flags representing the countries they came from.  The children said God Bless America in different languages.  God Bless our children!

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2016 Nameday Celebration

Our 85th Nameday - 11/20/16

His Eminence, Archbishop Nikon celebrated our 85th Nameday with our parishioners, parishioners from our sister church, Ss. Peter & Paul, and our friends. Chris and Zach were tonsured Readers. Bessie and Steve received the Herald of Constantine and Helena. Linda was recognized for her 34 plus years of service to our Sunday school.  Our Parish Council was sworn in by Archbishop Nikon. Father Nicholas (Ss Peter & Paul Albanian Orthodox Church) and Father Emmanuel joined as concelebrants. The Divine Liturgy and award presentations were followed by a delicious lunch- provided via our parishioners food, wine and desserts donations

What a day!

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Vespers with Archbishop Nikon

Saturday Night Vespers - 11/19/16

His Eminence, Archbishop Nikon joins Father Brooks and our parishioners for Vespers.

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2016 Sunday School Halloween Party

Halloween Party - 10/30/16

Following the Divine Liturgy and Sunday school our church hall was filled with super heros, princesses,

police officers, baseball players, ninja turtles, witches, pirates and more.  Truly a super great time.

Many thanks to Paula, Michele & Missy- you did a fantastic job organizing this party.

We also celebrated Father Brooks' birthday with Many Years and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday!

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Niko's 60th Birthday

Many Years Niko - 10/23/16

We sang Many Years to Niko and Luiza!

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50 Years for Jim & Paula

Jim & Paula 50th Wedding Anniversary - 10/16/16

A prayer in church to commemorate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Jim & Paula. A luncheon and celebration in the church hall with family and friends!

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Elvira, Erion & Sons churched

Elvira & Erion Churching - 10/09/16

Elvira, Erion and their sons are churched following the birth of Mario. Many Years!

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Gregory E Costa Golf Classic

9th Gregory E Costa Golf Classic - 10/02/16

Golf, Dinner, Family and Good Friends = a very nice evening.

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2016 Church Picnic

Mermaid Lake - 08/28/16

Our first Church Picnic in many, many years! A good time had by all, swimming, dancing, eating, drinking; what more can you ask for.  Many thanks to Nilda for organizing the picnic, to David for providing the great Albanian music, taking these photos and videos of the dancing and to those who attended. We look forward to next year!

Link for the videos

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Church Floor

A different look! - 08/07/16

Do you remember the black wrought iron railing and red carpet??? Well those days are gone.....

After nearly one year we have completed the installation of new flooring in our church.  Last August we installed marble in the Altar and Solea. This August we completed the project by installing marble in the center aisle and luxury vinyl tile (that looks like wood) throughout the church.

Let us know what you think!

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Nick Naum Scholarship

Nick Naum Scholarship Recipients - 07/17/16

The Nick Naum Scholarship Fund was created in memory of our beloved Nick. He had a profound love for the church and for children. Nick often spoke about how nice it would be if parishioners at St. John remembered the church in their wills.  He did just that bequeathing $119,000.00 to the church for the establishment of the Scholarship Fund. Memory Eternal!

Congratulations to our recipients of the Nick Naum Scholarship: Spartak, Dorela, Merna & MIchelle. Thanks to our hard working committee: Sandi, Reem, Diane, Nicole, Stephanie & Carolyn. We wish our recipientsthe best life has to offer in the years ahead!

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Archpriest Brooks Ledford

Archpriest Brooks - 06/26/16

Sunday, June 26, 2016, Father Brooks is elevated to Archpriest by Archbishop Nikon.

Many years Father Brooks!

Link for video

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Sunday School Pool Party

2016 Pool Party - 06/12/16

WE had a great group, beautiful day, food, swimming and fun! MAny Thanks to Miss Kathie for inviting us to her home. Director Steve cooked the burgers & dogs and all who attended had a wonderful time.

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Sunday school Graduation and a Baptism

Students graduate and a Baptism - 06/05/16

Our Sunday school graduated one student this year, Michelle D. The students will celebrate the end of the school year with a pool party. Thank you so very much to our teachers and our director extraordinare! The teachers and students had a very enjoyable year and look forward to September to begin anew.

We also had a baptism during the Divine Liturgy. Many Years Mirna!!

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Agape Vespers

Agape Vespers - 05/01/16

The celebration after the Pascal Service - Agape Vespers- the Gospel proclaiming Christ is Risen!  read in Greek, Albanian, Spanish, French and English. 

Thank you to the Readers of the Gospel; Father Emmanuel,Kevin, Elira, Caroline and Michelle and thank you to Chris and Taylor for reading during the Vesperal service!

 Links for videos of the Gospel in different languages:



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Pascha - 05/01/16

The Faithful celebrated Pascha with the Light, Prayers, Communion and the exclamation:

 Link for video:




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Holy Friday

Holy Friday - 05/27/16

Holy Friday - the funeral for Jesus. Father Emmanuel lead us in a very solemn service. We came together, sang the Lamentations, processed around the block, returned to the church to walk under the Epitaphios, kiss the Gospel and complete our prayers.

(49 images)


Deocrating the Epitaphios - 04/29/16

Friday morning parishioners gathered to decorate the Epitaphios for the funeral Friday evening.

It looked beautiful!  Thank you to all who came to the church to help.

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Holy Unction

Holy Unction with Father Emmanuel - 04/27/16

The parishioners at St. John's gathered on Holy Wednesday for the Sacrament of Holy Unction. Beautiful -- lights dimmed, our cantors Richard and Frank singing beautifully and Father Emmanuel anointing the faithful.

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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday at St. John's - 04/24/16

The bells were ringing and the palms were waving during the procession commemorating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. It was a joyous day at St. John's. Following the Divine Liturgy and procession we were treated to a pancake breakfast prepared by the family of Rose and +Charlie Adams. Many thanks to the Adams Family and to Tony Ngjila, owner of the Court Diner in Media, PA., who donates the pancakes and syrup for the breakfast. Holy Week begins culminating with our Paschal Celebration Saturday nigh.

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Lazarus Saturday

Lazarus Saturday Divine Liturgy & Retreat - 04/23/16

Our parishioners and Sunday school students gathered to celebrate the Divine Liturgy and hold a retreat.  The kids had a wonderful time making Meshe (mess) and various crafts. They also assisted the adults making sandwiches which will be donated to the Chosen 300 Ministry to feed the homeless.

We also made about 250 Palm Crosses to be distributed on Palm Sunday. Many thanks to those who gave their time and energy to make this a very successful retreat!


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Sunday of the Holy Cross

Sunday of the Holy Cross - 04/03/16

We celebrated the Veneration of the Holy Cross with a Sunday school procession. We also said goodbye to our good friend Tom Z., who moved to North Jersey. Thank you Tom for your love of our parish and your many years of service.

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Fr Emmanuel Visits & Parish Mtg

Father Emmanuel Visits St. John - 03/20/16

Father Emmanuel celebrated the Divine Liturgy with the faithful at St. John on Sunday, March 20, 2016. We also had our semi-annual parish meeting during coffee hour.

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Women's Day Dance

Celebrating Women - 03/05/16

Great music, lights, food. Dancing to Albanian music... a fabulous time was had by all. Thank you to all who attended and to those who put this event together!

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Annual Ice Skating

Sunday School Ice skating - 02/21/16

The annual Sunday school ice skating outing was a hugh success.  About 45 people went to the Penn Class of 1923 rink to enjoy pizza and skating. Thanks to Director Steve for setting up this wonderful event. Smiles all around!

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2016 Soup-er Bowl Sunday

Soup-er Bowl Sunday @ St. John Chrysostom - 02/07/16

What a day! What a day! What a day!

Soup-er Bowl Sunday Thank You! Thanks once again for making the third annual St. John’s Soup-er Bowl Sunday fund raiser a huge success! Many of our generous church family donated delicious homemade soups, set up, served and cleaned during coffee hour on Soup-er Bowl Sunday. As a result, St Johns collected and donated $500.00 to the Broad Street Mission! This year there were twenty-five different and wonderfully delicious soups to choose from including ethnic specialties, some good old American favorites, and a few newly crafted recipes that just had to be tried! At $1.00 a cup, it was great fun to be able to try several! And what a bonus, take home soup was available for just $4.00 for a pint container and $8.00 for quarts! What could have better to warm you up on a cold winter day than enjoying some really great homemade soup prepared by your friends? Knowing that the proceeds helped those in need!

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Bishop Seraphim Visits

Bishop Seraphim visits St. John's - 01/17/16

Bishop Seraphim celebrated the Divine Liturgy with the faithful at St. John's. After the Liturgy we had a wonderful coffee hour and part 2 of our annual Icon Auction.

(26 images)

2016 Icon Auction

2016 Icon Auction - 01/10/16

Our Annual Icon Auction was held on January 10th & 17th. Photos of those who placed the high bid are included in this file.  We are thankful for our parishioners generosity.

(59 images)

2016 - Theophany

Theophany - 2016 - 01/10/16

We were blessed to have Father Emmanuel Pratsinakis join Father Brooks to celebrate the Divine Liturgy and the blessing of the water. Our children squealed with delight as they were "sprinkled" with Holy Water!


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2015 Christmas Pageant/Play

2015 Christmas Pageant/Play & Chrismation - 12/20/15

Once again our Christmas Pageant/Play, under the direction of Sandi, was a spectacular hit! We had almost 50 children participate in the production. It was a sight to behold as we celebrated the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Sunday, December 20, 2015 was also a special day as Bella, Thomas and Olivia were Chrismated during the Divine Liturgy. Santa & Mrs. Claus also visited the church hall during coffee hour. Many thanks to all who attended church and contributed to a truly blessed day for our parish!

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2015 Sunday School Thanksgiving

2015 Sunday School Thanksgiving - 11/22/15

Our Sunday school students honor our relatives who came to America for a better life for their families.

(10 images)

Nameday & Award

Nameday & Miss Linda Award - 11/15/15

Our 84th Nameday celebration and Miss Linda receives the Herald of St. Constantine & Helena.


(26 images)

1976 Halloween Photos

1976 Halloween Photos

Photos taken by Madge at the Halloween Party in 1976. Also 2 photos of our church.

(7 images)

2015 Halloween Party

2015 Halloween Party - 10/25/15

What a teriffic party!! About 45 children and their parents attended the Halloween Party during coffee hour on Sunday, October 25th. The participants were in church in costume and received Holy Communion before going to Sunday school. Quite a site! After Sunday school the children joined their parents in the church hall. Games, food, prizes, many laughs. A very big thank you to Paula and Michele for organizing the party and to the many others who helped. And to Stephanie and Kevin for taking the pictures. It was a fund day for all!

(101 images)

2015 Gregory E Costa Golf Classic

2015 Gregory E Costa Golf Classic - 09/13/15

Many photos of our golfers and those who attended the dinner. Raffle prizes, 50/50 drawing, silent Albanian Auction, good food and fellowship. A good time had by all!

(231 images)

Sunday School Graduation

Sunday School Graduation - 06/14/15

Although we had no seniors we had a graduation/commencement ceremony and pizza party during coffee hour. Many thanks to our Sunday school director, Mr. Steve assistant director, Diane and to our hardworking and dedicated teachers, Michele, Nicole, Linda, Marinela, Fjori,Traci & Father Brooks.

We look forward to September and the start of another school year!

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Bishop Seraphim Visits

Bishop Seraphim - 06/14/15

Bishop Seraphim celebrates the Divine Liturgy with the faithful at St. John's.

(22 images)

2015 Team Brother John

2015 Team Brother John - 05/17/15

Thank you to all who were a part of Team Brother John Being a huge success once again!!! We raised a grand total of $3170! Thank you, Thank you & Thank you!!!


The Melnik family and especially- Brother John

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2015 Race for the Cure

2015 Race fo the Cure - 05/10/15

Our Team, Albanians & Friends for the Cure raised over $2,500.00 which will assist in finding a cure for breast cancer. Thank you to all who donated and participated. It was a great day!

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Agape Vespers

Agape Vespers - 04/12/15

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

At 1:00 pm Agape Vespers the Gospel was read in English, Albanian, Italian, Russian, Polish, Spanish.Thank you to our readers. A joyous conclusion to Holy Week!

(34 images)

2015 Pascha

Pascha - 04/12/15



(23 images)

Holy Friday

Holy Friday - Lamentations - 04/10/15

Beautiful singing during the funeral for Christ. We processed from 17th Street to 16th Street and on Vine Street. Lead by the Cross, Banners, the Epitaphios carrying Christ, our choir and our faithful parishioners.

As with all funerals a sad time but a time to remember.

(71 images)

Decorating the Epitaphios

Decorating the Epitaphios - 04/10/15

Friday morning, what a group! Father Brooks said we had men, women, children, young people and our core group who have been there for years!  Since we had a number of helpers wthe Epitaphios was beautifully decorated in a short period of time. Thank you one and all!

(29 images)

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday - 04/09/15

A very solomn service. The reading of the Twelve Gospels: Christ's Passion. If you were unable to attend you can go to this link to find the Gospel readings.

(6 images)

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday - 04/05/15

The Celebration of the Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem was a joyous day at St. John Chrysostom. The church was full, Father Brooks gave an impassioned sermon and the children - about 45 of them- participated in the  procession, carrying palms and ringing bells! Following the blessing of the palms we venerated the Cross, received our palms and went to the church hall for a delicious pancake breakfast provided by the family of +Charlie Adams.Great Day!

(35 images)

Lazarus Sat Liturgy & Retreat April 4 2015

Lazarus Saturday Liturgy & Retreat - 04/04/15

On Lazarus Saturday we celebrated the Divine Liturgy and we witnessed the Chrismation of Tana and Bryce as they received Holy Communion as Orthodox Christians. Tana and Bryce's sponsors were Sandi & Kevin.

Following the Liturgy we went upstairs to the church hall and began the retreat with the making of Meshe. All of the children were up to their elbows in flour! In all we baked 26 loaves of Meshe. A pizza lunch (courtesy of our Sunday School Director, Mr. Cheeseball) was enjoyed by all. While the Meshe was raising and then baking the children dyed eggs and put together different crafts. The adults prepared the palms for Palm Sunday.  Stephanie, Diane, Entela and Rovena made a basket of crosses to be given to our parishioners tomorrow. Way to go ladies!

All in all a great day!

(83 images)

Father Stephen & Father Brooks

Father Stephen & Father Brooks - 03/22/15

Father Stephen visited St. John Chrysostom and co- celebrated the Divine Liturgy with Father Brooks.

In a few weeks Father Stephen and Margot will be moving to Florida to beginthe next chapter in their lives. May God grant them many years!

(27 images)

Ice Skating

Ice Skating Outing - 03/15/15

Our Sunday school students and their families enjoyed lunch and an afternoon of ice skating. We also celebrated Vivian's birthday with a delicious cake!

(66 images)

Adoration of the Cross

Adoration of the Cross - 03/15/15

The Sunday school procession.

(16 images)

Womens Day Celebration

Womens Day Celebration - 03/07/15

A great time was had by all. The women danced the night away!

(35 images)

Icon Auction

2015 Icon Auction - 01/04/15

God Bless our parishioners. The Icon Auction was a tremendous success!

Thank you one & all.

(98 images)


2015 Theophany - 01/04/15

Father Brooks blesses the water and annoints the faithful. The children were delighted to be "sprinkled"!

(20 images)

Sunday School Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant - 12/21/14

Our annual Sunday school Christmas was spectacular. So many children participated. It was wonderful event to witness. Special thanks to Sandi F. and Kevin for producting the pageant!

(30 images)

Deaon Gregory celebrates a Typica Service

Deacon Gregory - 12/21/14

Father Brooks was visiting his family and Deacon Gregory celebrated a Typica Service. The Typica Service is conducted when a priest is not present to celebrate the Divine Liturgy. Communion was received by the faithful from pre-consecrated gifts. Thank you Deacon Gregory!

(14 images)

2014 Albanian Thanksgiving

Albanian Thanksgiving - 11/23/14

Our Sunday school students paid tribute to their parents, grandparents, great grandparents who came to American in search of a better life and opportunities for their families. We thank them!

Special thanks to Sandi F. for her hard work putting our Albanian Thanksgiving together.

(28 images)

Franklin Institute

Franklin Institute - 11/16/14

Our Sunday school students, their family and friends walked over to the Frankllin Insititute for an afternoon of fun. Everyone even learned something from the many exhibits!

(51 images)

2014 Nameday Celebration

2014 Nameday Celebration - 11/09/14

We celebrated the Divine Liturgy and were joined by Bishop Seraphim, Father Stephen, Deacon Gregory, Deacon Andrew and our brothers and sister from Ss. Peter & Paul Albanian Orthodox Church. Following the Liturgy we enjoyed a delicious luncheon provided by our parishioners. Thank you to all who attended!

(117 images)

2015 Parish Council

2015 Parish Council

The 2015 Parish Council, who will server November 2014 - November 2015 was sworn in by Father Brooks. During coffee hour we celebrated Father Brooks birthday by singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday and fabulous cake!

(19 images)

2014 Gregory E Costa Golf Classic & Dinner

Golf & Dinner - 09/21/14

We had 26 golfers and another 50 people attend the dinner. Everyone enjoyed their dinner, prizes were won and we had an opportunity to spend a few hours together. All while raising money for our beloved church! Thank you to all who participated in the Gregory E. Costa Golf Classic.

(212 images)

Fun at Coffee Hour

Fun at Coffee Hour - 07/20/14

Our kids enjoying coffee hour!

(5 images)

Sunday School Graduation

Sunday School Graduation & Party - 06/08/14

Our Sunday School students celebrated the end of the school year with a graduation ceremony following the Divine Liturgy. The students, their parents and teachers continued the graduation celebration at Dave & Busters where they enjoyed lunch and many games!

Thank you to our dedicated Sunday School teachers and our Director, Mr. Cheeseball!

(36 images)

2014 Race for the Cure

2014 Race for the Cure - 05/11/14

Our team, Albanians & Friends for the Cure raised, over $3,000.00 to be used to help find a cure for breast cancer.

Thank you to our team members and all of our parishioners and friends who made a donation!

(16 images)

Sunday Afternoon - Agape Vespers

Sunday Afternoon - Agape Vespers - 04/20/14

The final service of Holy Week. We read the Gospel in Albanian, English, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, glorius!

John served in the Altar for a second time. Father Brooks and John censed the church and blessed the faithful.

(34 images)

Pascha -  Krishti U Ngjall! Vertet U Ngjall!

Pascha - - 04/20/14

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!  Krishti U Ngjall! Vertet U Ngjall!

The culmination of Holy Week -  Pascha! So many people were present to receive the light!

(19 images)

Holy Saturday Morning - First Resurrectional Service

Holy Saturday - First Resurrectional Service - 04/19/14

A beautiful Liturgy made more special when young John served in the Altar for the very first time.

(14 images)

Holy Friday

Holy Friday - 04/18/14

We had two services, 5:00 pm, The Taking Down from the Cross and 7:00 pm, Lamentations - The Funeral. We processed around the block, and back into the chuch. It was a very moving experience.

(46 images)

Holy Friday Morning - Decorating the Epitaphion

Decorating the Epitaphion - Holy Friday Morning - 04/18/14

A group got together to decorate the Epitaphion. It was beautiful when completed. Thanks to those who volunteered their time Holy Friday morning.

(27 images)

Holy Thursday - The 12 Gospels

Holy Thursday - Reading of the Twelve Gospels - 04/17/14

On Thursday of Holy Week four events are commemorated: the washing of the disciples' feet, the institution of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper, the agony in the garden of Gethsemane, and the betrayal of Christ by Judas. - See more at:

(12 images)

2014 Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday - 04/13/14

A filled church and a wonderful Liturgy, followed by our annual pancake breakfast.

(20 images)

2014 Lazarus Saturday

Lazarus Saturday - 04/12/14

On Lazarus Saturday, Father Brooks celebrated the Divine Liturgy on the Solea. Everyone present had an opportunity to see what goes on in the Altar during the Liturgy. Father Brooks and Reader David explained what  they and the Alter servers do during the Divine Liturgy.

Following the Liturgy, everyone went upstairs to the church hall to make Meshe - which the children took home - and some crafts. Father Brooks discussed the prractical and symbolic reasons for the use of candles in the church and how that evolved. Our friend, Harry, then gave a demonstration showing how beeswax candles are made. We made Crosses out of palms and prepared the Palms for Sunday. We had a delicious lunch, cleaned up the hall and left feeling more informed about our Orthodox faith than when we arrived. All in all it was a terrific day!

(112 images)

Veneration of the Holy Cross

Veneration of the Holy Cross - 03/23/14

The Veneration of the Holy Cross, a procession by our Sunday school children and the Churching of our newest parishioner, Marisa and her mother! We are a Blessed Parish!

(22 images)

Assorted Photos 2002 - 2005

Assorted Photos 2002 - 2005

This photo gallery contains photos taken by Father Gregory O'Leary, pastor at St. John Chrysostom, 2002 -2005. The photos are from weddings, baptisms, chrismations, wedding anniversary celebrations, Sunday school Christmas pageants, Pascha, visits to monasteries, dances in the church hall,golf outings,  and many more of our parishioners and friends. Take a few minutes and take a look to see who you know. Twelve years is a long time and many of the children are now adults with their own children!

This is part one of three parts; parts two and three are below this section.

Our sincere thanks to Richard (Former Father Gregory) O'Leary for donating all of the photos in this gallery.

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Assorted Photos 2002 - 2005

Assorted Photos 2002 - 2005

Part two of the three part photo gallery containing photos taken from 2002 - 2005.

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Assorted Photos 2002 - 2005

Assorted Photos 2002 - 2005

Part three of three part photo gallery containing photos taken from 2002 - 2005.


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Women's Day Celebration

Women's Day Celebration - 03/08/14

Over 90 adults and 14 children attended. We danced all night and a wonderful time was had by all!

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2014 Sunday School Ice Skating

Sunday School Ice Skating - 02/23/14

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Memories: Marcena Moore and church friends

Memories from 1990s

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2014 Icon Auction

2014 Icon Auction - 01/12/14

The Parishioners at St. John Chrysostom participate in the annual Icon Acution. Many thanks to our Auctioneers; Peter and Phil and to all who participated!

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Theophany - Blessing of Water

Theophany - Blessing of Water - 01/12/14

Father Brooks Blesses the Faithful. The Blessing of Water was postponed from January 5, 2014 (due to inclement weather). Many Parishioners attended church and were able to receive a bottle of Holy Water.


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Nativity Liturgy

Nativity Liturgy - 12/24/13

The parishioners at St. John Chrysostom gather to celebrate the birth of our Lord.

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Sunday School Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant - 12/22/13

Our Sunday School students present their annual Christmas Pageant. Everything was perfect!

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Ladies Club Dinner

2013 Ladies Club Dinner - 12/04/13

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing....Barely time to eat! A wonderful time was had by all 72 attendees!

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Albanian Thanksgiving

2013 Albanian Thanksgiving - 11/24/13

Our Sunday school recognized our forefathers who came to America from Albanian and other countries. We give thanks for their bravery!

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Trip to the Aquarium

Trip to the Aquarium - 11/17/13

Over 70 parishioners and their children visited the Adventure Aquarium following coffee hour on Sunday, November 17, 2013. We saw the sharks, many fish and other sea creatures. What a fun time!

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2013 Hierarchical Liturgy and Parish Nameday

Archbishop Nikon Celebrates the Divine Liturgy - 11/10/13

Archbishop Nikon visited our parish and celebrated the Divine Liturgy. Father Stephen Siniari, Father Gregory DuDash, Deacon Andrew Rubis and Deacon Gregory Vrato served along with Fahter Brooks Ledford. Our church was filled with parishioners and friends. Following the Divine Liturgy we went to the parish hall and enjoyed a scrumptious luncheon provided by our parishioners.

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Icons by Qirjako Kosova

Icons by Qirjako Kosova - 11/03/13

Iconographer, Qirjako Kosova, son of St. John Chrysostom Parishioners Marsel & Natasha, wrote these Icons.

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Celebrating with Father Brooks

Celebrating with Father Brooks - 10/27/13

We sang Many Years in church following the Divine Liturgy. During coffee hour our Sunday school children lead us in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. Cake for everyone!!

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2013 Halloween Party

2013 Halloween Party - 10/26/13

A spectular time was had by all who attended. Many, many children dressed in their finest Halloween costumes, parents, grandparents, godparents, aunt, uncles, friends, food, games, candy and prizes....  WOW!!! Smiles all around. Special thanks to Paula, Diane, Pandora, Linda & Donna P. for co-ordinating this extremely fun event. If you were unable to attend, hopefully you will join us next year. Super great fun!!

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Church Cleanup & altar Server Workshop

Church Cleanup & altar Server Workshop - 10/05/13

Thanks very much to all who helped clean the church on Saturday, October 5, 2013. Everything sparkles. While we were cleaning the Altar Servers were attending a workshop to sharpen their skills while serving!

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2013 Gregory E Costa Golf Classic

2013 Gregory E Costa Golf Classic - 09/22/13

The 6th Gregory E Costa Golf Classic was a very successful day for the parishioners and friends of St. John Chrysostom Albanian Orthodox Church. Twenty-seven golfers participated in the golf classic and the dinner was attended by over 70 people.

Thank you to everyone who supported the golf classic!

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Blessing of the Backpacks

Special Blessing of Backpacks - 09/15/13

A first st St. John Chrysostom - Father Brooks blessed the backpacks and bookbags of our students. A wonderful way to start the new school year!

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Elevation of the Holy Cross

Elevation of the Holy Cross - 09/15/13

Procession of with the Holy Cross with our Sunday school students.

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Thank you Luncheon August 25, 2013

Thank you Luncheon - 08/25/13

The Priests and Deacons who have assisted the parishioners at St. John Chrysostom Church celebrate the Divine Liturgy.

Following the Liturgy a luncheon was held in the church hall. The parishioners donated homemade ethnic food for the luncheon.

A good time was had by all!

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Marci Moore

Marci Moore - 08/04/13

How wonderful was it to see Marci Moore in church on Sunday August 4th, 2013!

Marci looked great and many parishioners visited with her during coffee hour. We are truly blessed to have Marci as a parishioner at our parish.

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Graduation Day 2013

Sunday School Graduation - 06/09/13

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Buddy Walk 2013

Team Brother John - 05/19/13

Team Brother John raised & collected $2,954 for the Down syndrome Association of DE. We would like to thank everyone at St. John’s for their generous donations. St. John’s donated a grand total of $625 to our team. $125 of that was collected by Michelle Dardaris at coffee hour through the selling of brother John bracelets! Moore Brothers Wine Company (Marcy Moore’s sons) are an annual t-shirt sponsor for our team donating $500. 
Despite the soggy weather, we walked, picnicked, and enjoyed a nice afternoon of fellowship, celebration & relaxation with family and friends. Mark, Tish, Bill, Candace & Michelle were able to join us as representatives from St. John’s. 

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2013 Race for the Cure

Albanians & Friends for the Cure 2013 - 05/12/13

Congratulations to Albanians and Friends for the Cure: Thank you to those who made donations and/or participated in the Race for the Cure (to support finding a cure for breast cancer).  Our team had 24 participants and raised over $2,100.00.  Way to go team!

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Pascha 2013 - 05/05/13

The resurrection of our Lord

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Holy Friday 2013

Holy Friday - 05/03/13

Decorating the Epitaphios

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Holy Thursday -The Twelve Gospels-

Holy Thursday - 05/02/13

The reading of the Twelve Gospels.

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Lazarus Saturday 2013

Lazarus Saturday - 04/27/13

The children making the Meshe

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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday April 28 2013 - 04/28/13

The procession of the palms

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Mother's Day Dance March 16, 2013

Mother's Day Dance March 16, 2013 - 03/16/13

The 5th annual Mother's (Women's) Day Dance.  Mothers, Fathers and kids danced from 7:00 - 11:15 - Non-Stop!!!

Maybe next year you can join us!!!

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Sunday School Ice Skating Outing March 17, 2013

Ice Skating with our kids and families - 03/17/13

Pizza, hot choclolate, pizza desserts, juice boxes, ice skating.... what more can a person ask for on a Sunday afternoon!

A fun time had by all

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Holy Icon Offering - January 2013

Holy Icon Offering - 01/13/13

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Sunday School Christmas Pageant - December 2012

Sunday School Christmas Pageant - 12/23/12

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Enthronment of His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon - 01/27/13

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Enthronment of His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon

On Sunday, January 27th, His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon was enthroned in the nation's capital at St. Nicholas Cathedral as Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of All American and Canada. Two (2) Members of Saint John Chrysostom traveled to join the hierarchs, clergy and faithful in prayer and festive celebration. May the Lord grant Metropolitan Tikhon many blessed years!

Blessing of our new Icon

Icon of Jesus Christ - 07/16/17

Father Brooks blesses our new Icon of Jesus Christ - to be placed in the altar.  Many thanks to Janice & Mike L. who donated the Icon in honor of Janice's parents: Mary & Steve Zafis.

The Icon is Beautiful!

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