St John Chrysostom Albanian Orthodox Church
Witnessing to the fullness of the Orthodox Faith in the City of Philadelphia
All Services in English


237 N 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 10:00

Phone: 215-563-0979


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Nameday Celebration

Nameday Celebration Sunday, November 13th 2022  our parish will celebrate our 91st Nameday. We will have a luncheon following the Divine Liturgy. We are asking our parishioners to make their special dish to share with all.

The Nativity Fast begins Nov. 15th. - Dec 24th.

Preparing for Christ’s Nativity:

On November 15, the Church entered the period of the Christian year known as the Nativity Fast (Advent). For forty days our attention will be directed toward the Nativity of Christ, both in the proper parts of the services and in the scriptural readings.

As part of the lenten effort several days in December are dedicated to the memory of Old Testament prophets, persons with an extraordinary call to proclaim God’s will and announce beforehand the Savior’s coming into the world. On December 1 we commemorate the prophet Nahum; December 2, Habakkuk; December 3, Zephaniah; December 16, Haggai; and on December 17, Daniel and the Three Youths. In addition, on the two Sundays preceding Christmas the entire assembly of Old Covenant prophets are among those many people commemorated who prepared the way for Christ’s advent. 

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