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We have a Bishop Elect

Archdiocesan Assembly - 09/23/22

At the Annual Archdiocesan Assembly a special session was convened to elect a Bishop. Igumen Nikodhim Preston was chosen as our Bishop-Elect.The Holy Synod meets in November at which time they will vote to confirm Bishop-Elect Nikodhim.

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Sunday School Fun

Backpacks & Skating - 09/11/22

A busy day for our Sunday School students. Their backpacks were blessed by Father Emmanuel, a pizza party at coffee hour and ice skating!

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CHRIST IS RISEN! - 04/24/22





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Holy Firday

Lamentations and Procession - 04/22/22

It was a beautiful evening for a procession around the block. Our parishioners proudly carried their candles and sang as they processed. Wen we returned to church, everyone passed under the the Epitaphion and venerated the Holy Bible.

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Lazarus Saturday & Palm Sunday

Lazarus Sat & Palm Sunday - 04/16/22

We celebrated the Divine Liturgy and then went upstairs for the Retreat. Making Meshe, decorating eggs, jewelry crafts and Pizza..... a fun time for all!

On Palm Sunday our children were holding palms and ringing bells proclaiming Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

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Icon Auction part II - 04/03/22

We had a great participation today for the 2nd part of the Icon acution.  Some pics are posted here.

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Icon Auction part 1 - 03/27/22

Today we had our part 1 of Icon Auction for 2022.  Lots of parishioners came to church and participated in the auction.  Attached are some pictures we took from this event.

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