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John, substitute choir director

John was our substitute choir director this past Sunday, April 15 2018

Instructional Liturgy (Shpjegime mbi Liturgjinë)

Dear Parishioners & friends of St. John's:

This Sunday, March 18th, we will celebrate an instructional liturgy, in which I will be explaining the various parts of the Divine Liturgy.  I will also be using the table out in front of the iconostas (icon screen) so the parishioners can see what is being done.  Please come.  The more we learn about the services, the stronger our faith will grow.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Brooks

Të dashur vëllezër e motra:

Video është me përkthim shqip në vëndet ku Fr. Brooks shpjegon mbi Liturgjinë.

Women's Day Dance 2018

August 2016 Picnic at Mermaid Lake in Blue Bell, PA
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